General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliance

What is GDPR? General Data Protection Regulation is a new framework put in place by the European Union protecting EU residents’ data rights. The ruling works in favor of data privacy, so that when an EU user accesses external-facing websites or web applications, they are more aware of the data being collected and how the data is being used. Simply put, GDPR gives users “the right to be forgotten” and become anonymous online. Users must elect to opt-in to sharing their personal user data and can always opt-out to have their data be forgotten at any time. GDPR applies to

Load Testing with WebSockets for Real Time Communication

For web applications that provide real time communications, WebSockets are required for the server to communicate directly with the client. INXPO’s web developer, Corey Miller, spoke with Neotys on load testing best practices using Neload and WebSockets to ensure the user experience for INXPO STUDIO is as close to real time communication as a technology can get. To read Corey’s best practices for WebSocket testing, read the full article here on the Neotys blog.

Happy Holidays From INXPO

I hope this blog finds you wrapping up your year by celebrating your successes. We are quite proud of the launch of INXPO STUDIO, our newest broadcasting platform, and that we got to share it with you. INXPO wants to wish a happy holiday season to you, your family and friends, and a prosperous 2018.

Enjoy a little fun from INXPO!


Choosing a Location for Your Webcast

When delivering a webcast, your location plays a key role in how your audience will perceive your message. If possible, deliver presentations from a studio or green room, to provide the highest-quality look and sound for your webcast. For many presenters, these resources are not available, so webcasts often are broadcast from an of ce or conference room. There are several key considerations in choosing a good location for webcasts, including: noise, proximity to other of ces, lighting options, network connection and more. Selecting a room from which to deliver the session should not be a last-minute decision. Speakers should