10 Reasons Your Organization Should Have an Online Leadership Channel

10 reasons your organization should have an online leadership channel


It used to be that business moved at the speed of sound. These days, it seems like business moves at the speed of light. I wouldn’t be surprised if a few years from now, businesses figured out how to exceed even that speed.

With this pace of rapid change in mind, it’s more important than ever for executives to keep their organizations on the same page. And that’s where an online leadership channel comes into play. Consider these ten benefits.

1) Keep everyone informed

Whether it’s fiscal year objectives, a review of last quarter’s results or an update on this year’s holiday party, executives need to schedule regular and consistent communications. And no, amonthly company-wide email no longer fits the bill.

2) Deliver a consistent message

If you use an online leadership channel as the focal point of your employee communications, then you’ll ensure consistency in your message. And this flows downstream, of course, as your employees can then consistently communicate externally with clients, prospects, friends and family.

3) Cost savings

Compared with the cost of airfare, lodging, venue and out of office time, your leadership communications are delivered via the web and mobile. Now, your CFO can sleep better at night, knowing that not only are employees better informed, but you’ve trimmed expenses at the same time.

4) Your own Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

What happens in employee communications stays online (in your private and secure channel, of course). So after a productive day in the office, employees can return home and view an on-demand archive of your Town Hall presentation (right before they catch the latest episode of Mad Men).

5) Multiple leaders from multiple locations

Are your leaders in various offices throughout the globe? No problem. That’s what makes web and mobile delivery great. You can “pass the ball” for each speaker’s segment. So Canada can follow EMEA, who can follow Asia Pac.

6-Get employee feedback

get employee feedback with an online leadership channel

Communications don’t have to be one-way. An online leadership channel uses engaging and interactive tools (such as surveys, shown above) to garner and aggregate employee feedback. You can address this feedback right away – and, you can consider this feedback for longer term planning.

7) Measurable results

After your program, review your results dashboard and find out precisely how you did. Use the insights gained here to help inform your future programs.

8) Increase employee engagement

Employees should not sit on their hands during your communications programs. After all, their hands need to be free to interact with their mouse, keyboard or tablet. Plan your communications to include active involvement from your audience.

9) Reach them everywhere

Your online leadership channel should run on tablets and smartphones. This way, when you speak live at 9am local time, employees can tune in wherever they happen to be: office, home office, client site or even the coffee shop (which also may be the home office for some people).

10) Create happier, more loyal employees

Because the best employee benefit is an informed employee. Keep employees informed and give them a voice to help shape the organization’s direction – and you’ll have happier employees.


Post contributed by Dennis Shiao