2012 Resolution: More Effective Internal Communications

2012 resolution more effective internal communications


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To make 2012 your best year ever, your entire organization needs to be on the same page. Think of your organization as an automobile – when I fail to get a front-wheel alignment, my tires get worn and my car doesn’t drive optimally. When my wheels are aligned, however, my trusty vehicle hums along quite nicely (as a side note, I like my cars as I do my events – hybrids).

As we kick off 2012, make a resolution for more effective internal communications. We provide some tips to help you lead the way.

Regular Communications From The C-Suite.

We practice what we preach – at INXPO, our CEO (Malcolm) does a monthly broadcast called “Coffee Talk,” in which he speaks (via live streaming video) to the entire company. As our President (Drew) says, “I think CEO’s should complement their current “shows” with a State of the Union address, broadcast over CEO TV.”

Read Drew’s post, “Introducing CEO TV,” to learn about the benefits of consistent C-Suite communication.

Effective Programs Require Effective Planning.

“Your internal communications program should have clear and measurable goals. Be as specific as possible,” writes our very own Lauren Wolf, who’s planned and executed many internal communications programs for our clients.

Read Lauren’s post for her 5 tips on planning an internal communications program.

Optmize Your Presentations for the Online Medium.

“Presenting to a virtual audience is tough and requires incredible attention to detail. Once you lose virtual attendees, it is difficult to regain their attention,” writes our very own Matt Goodwin, who co-hosted a live, online broadcast from the NAB Show in 2011.

Read Matt’s post for his brilliant methodology behind presenting to a virtual audience.

Understand the Benefits Up Front.

Why should you run internal communications programs online? That’s the premise behind my own post, in which I detailed 5 key benefits for doing internal communications online.

Read my not-so-brilliant post for details on the 5 benefits of online internal communications.

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Post contributed by Dennis Shiao