2017 Video, Webcasting and Online Event Trends

2017 Video, Webcast and Online Event TrendsTo be successful in technology you must be constantly evolving, innovating and pushing the limits. This makes the new year tradition of predictions and goal setting equally challenging and exciting.

Last year, the need for video to strengthen communication was solidified, whether for employee communications, marketing content or training. For 2017, my trends and predictions revolve around how video can be pushed to its full potential.

Prediction Number 1: TV Style Webcasts and Online Events

Most of our inspiration comes from our clients who seek new ways to use our platform. In 2016, one of our clients, a direct seller of leading brand cosmetics hosted a hybrid event sales kickoff for their consultants on our platform. The creative twist for this event involved broadcasting in a live TV style. Completed with a red carpet, commercial breaks and live hosts, the event took the entertainment factor of an online or hybrid event to a new level.

I see this as the way of the future for online events. Whether the company is marketing for B2B or B2C, or speaking directly to employees – the one thing all the buyers have in common is that they are people, and people like to be entertained. When you combine the entertainment factor of TV and the engagement capabilities of an online event platform, the benefits create a domino effect. The more entertaining, the more engaged the viewers will be and the more successful the event will be.

Prediction Number 2: Multi-Platform Broadcasting

Coming to you LIVE is no longer reserved just for Jimmy Fallon, Kimmel or Saturday Night. These days with social media platforms like Snapchat, Periscope and Facebook Live, everyone is getting a taste for broadcasting in the moment.

The key for any successful product is to be where your customers are. With the wealth of live streaming channels saturating the market, it’s important to meet your audience where they are most comfortable viewing. For 2017, I see live Streaming from a platform like INXPO and then using a source like Facebook Live to broaden the reach and give the audience a taste of the digital experience. At the end of the day the mission of sharing content is the same.

In-House Video

In a way, 2017 is the time to go back to the basics, meaning that the more accessible and easy to use a webcasting platform can be the more useful it can become for the entire enterprise. Sometimes full scale professionally produced video content isn’t necessary to get the message across.

For example, the Coffee Talks that I host monthly as an internal program went from a full video production experience with lights and a camera crew to me talking directly to a webcam. With today’s technology, production value and content doesn’t have to be compromised when simplified. If the basics are covered in a way that is easy for everyone to use and participate in, the ROI on webcasts and video communication will greatly increase.

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