2017 Webcast and Online Events Benchmark Takeaways

2017 Benchmark Report

We have compiled and shifted through the data of thousands of webcasts and online events from enterprises, associations to media organizations over the past 12 months to give you the best benchmarks for the webcast and online events industry. Here are a few key takeaways and insights gained from our report Рthe proof is in the data.

Benchmark: 29% of webcast attendees and 51% of online event attendees register 15 plus days out.

Tip: Promote your event early and often. Day before and day of promotions are a good final push to get your attendance up, but the bulk of your audience will register early if they are interested. Sending out weekly reminders are a good idea starting at least a month out for webcast and even earlier for an online event.

Benchmark: 44 minutes is the average view time for a live 60 minute webcast.

Tip: Keep your content short and sweet. Webcasts that run 30 minutes long are ideal for today’s attention spans. Breaking apart your content into shorter 30 minute webcasts ensures your audience is retaining the information and is still willing to engage. If the content you wish to cover is more than 30 minutes will allow for, create a series of webcasts and spread it out over a few days or weeks.

Benchmark: 32% of webcasts are scheduled on Thursday, making it the most popular day of week to broadcast.

Tip: Thursday’s program popularity does well, but interestingly enough Friday webcasts have the longest viewing duration average. Friday being the least busy work day seems to have a benefit on willingness to attend and engage in a webcast.

Want to keep going? Download our full 2017 Benchmark report for insights on attendee conversion rates, scheduling times, use of video, mobile viewers and more. Link to download here.