5 Attributes of a Rock Star Webcasting Engineer

5 attributes of a rock star webcasting engineer

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In our online environment called INXPOLIVE, we’ve been averaging two live webcasts per month. We call those webcasts “Thought Leaders LIVE” and feature experts on digital events, hybrid events, online marketing and more.

As one of the marketers responsible for these webcasts, I’ve been spending lots of quality time with speakers and webcasting engineers. I’ve worked with numerous webcasting engineers over the years and while I’m biased, I have to say that INXPO’s webcasters are among the best.

Let’s consider the attributes of a rock star Webcasting Engineer.

1) Patience

A Webcasting Engineer needs lots of this. There are a litany of things that fall on their laps, for which they have absolutely no control over. The speaker’s location may lose power. The speaker’s computer may suddenly “seize.” The connection to a physical venue may drop, causing the live video stream to go dark. Speakers may fail to submit their deliverables on time. While it’s fine for Webcasting Engineers to be firm, they must exude patience at the same time.

2) Platform and Technology Knowledge

Rock Star Webcasting Engineers have an in-depth knowledge of their webcasting platform, along with deep experience and know-how on related technologies (e.g. streaming, audio, video, etc.) When training presenters, you can easily separate the rock star engineers from the backup singers. In addition, when technical issues arise with presenters, engineers will face thechallenge of remotely troubleshooting the situation. They’ll need to ask the presenter to perform a series of steps, to see if that fixes the problem. Here’s another area where the rock stars shine.

3) Understands “Show Business”

Sure, Webcasting Engineers push slides and adjust audio. Rock stars, however, think beyond that. They know the ins and outs of “show business,” as much as someone on the set of ESPN Sportscenter or NBC’s Today Show. They’ll coach presenters on lighting, appearance and speaker tactics. They’re experienced enough to know what works and what doesn’t. And they realize that presenting online has its own set of unique challenges.

4) Cool Under Pressure

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As mentioned in the “Patience” attribute, not all webcasts are flawless. There are plenty of things outside the control of the Webcasting Engineer. The thing is, though, s/he who panics is lost. Rock stars remain cool under pressure. Being cool allows you to think clearly and find the best possible solution (under the circumstances).

5) Emphathy

To provide great customer service, one needs to have empathy for the “customer.” With a Webcasting Engineer, the “customer” includes presenters. Rock stars place themselves in the shoes of the presenter, whereas backup singers put up a “us vs. them” fence. Rock stars know that when a presenter can’t see the slides, that there must be a simple reason why. When you combine patience, strong technical knowledge and empathy, you get very happy and satisfied presenters.


So that’s what, in my mind, makes a Rock Star Webcasting Engineer. As your organization deploys your webcasting schedule for the year, assess whether your service provider holds similar attributes. And as you make hires for your own team, consider these attributes in your candidates. That is, of course, if you agree with me!


Post contributed by Dennis Shiao