5 Hybrid Event Sponsorship Package Tips

Combine sponsorship packages for physical and online events







Creating sponsorship packages for your sponsored virtual event is more art than science. You’ll discover that the packages become more effective over time, as you learn lessons from past digital events and receive feedback from sponsors.

Here are 5 tips you can use today to develop your sponsorship packages to help increase revenue and provide your sponsors with options they will love.

1. Create packages that combine physical and online elements

Create packages that entice your exhibitors to sponsor both the physical and online events.To do this, provide discounted pricing when sponsors opt to participate in both venues (physical and online). For instance, the Gold sponsor level may cost $40,000 at the physical event and $20,000 at the online event. A “Gold Hybrid Sponsorship” that combines both could be priced at $50,000, a cost savings of$10,000. Combined packages help promote participation in the online sponsorship, without cannibalizing sales of the physical event sponsorships.

2. Create tiered packages

Create a tier of packages that include a variety of features and sponsorship options (at different price points). A tier of packages allows your top sponsors to receive all the benefits they’d like, while providing first time sponsors with a lower entry point that helps them minimize risk.

3. Create a clear delineation between package tiers

Ensure that potential sponsors see a clear difference in value from one tier to the other. If the $15,000 sponsor package looks too close to the $10,000 sponsor package, then you’ll be receiving more orders for the lower rate. Be sure there’s a clear reason for a sponsor to step up from the $10,000 package to the $15,000 option.

4. Stay with a small set of packages

A smaller set of package options makes things easier to understand for potential sponsors. In addition, an easier set of sponsor packages makes your sales team more effective at selling them. We recommend that you create no more than five sponsorship packages to make things easier for you and potential sponsors.

5. Use scarcity as a selling tool

For your most feature-rich sponsorship package, place a cap on the number available. Making a single Platinum sponsor package available can encourage your sponsor prospects to “one up” each other in their bid to secure that package. In addition, it places a sense of urgency around the selling process, since “what’s available today may no longer be there tomorrow.”

Sample Sponsorship Packages
If you are still unsure of how to put together sponsorship packages and are not quite confident in the types of options to include in packages we created a simple five-tiered sponsorship package list you can use as a guide when monetizing your events. Remember each event is different so create packages that make sense for your sponsors and the environments you are using.

Titanium Sponsor Package – $50,000.00

  • 9 content tabs, to organize documents in links in the Sponsor Space
  • 5 pre-populated documents in the attendee’s briefcase
  • Up to 5 Video XPOCAST Webcasts branded
  • Exit action to Sponsor Space
  • Reporting on all booth activity as well as activity in any sponsored areas
  • Featured listing in Directory
  • Direct Navigation Link from a Drop-Down Menu
  • 1 in-show email sent at the time of sponsor’s choice to all connected attendees
  • Logo & Link on all e-mail communications
  • 15 Ads (Linkable to spaces schedulable) throughout the event
  • Landing Page

Platinum Sponsor Package – $30,000.00

  • 7 content tabs
  • 2 pre-populated documents in the attendee’s briefcase
  • Up to 3 XPOCAST Webcasts branded
  • Exit action to Sponsor Space
  • Reporting on all booth activity as well as activity in any sponsored areas
  • 1 Video in booth
  • Featured listing in Directory
  • Logo on confirmation email
  • Logo on conference reminder email
  • 10 Ads (Linkable to spaces) throughout the event
  • Landing Page

Gold Sponsor Package – $15,000.00

  • 5 content tabs, 1 prize tab
  • 1 pre-populated document in the attendee’s briefcase
  • Up to 3 audio XPOCAST Webcasts branded
  • Exit action from one webcast to Sponsor Space
  • Reporting on all booth activity
  • Sponsor directory listing included with Silver and Bronze
  • Name on confirmation email
  • Name on conference reminder email
  • 5 Ads (schedulable) throughout the event

Silver Sponsor Package – $7,000.00

  • 3 content tabs
  • 1 Audio XPOCAST Webcast
  • Report on all booth activity
  • 3 Ads in specified area

Bronze Sponsor Package – $3,500.00

  • 1 content tab
  •  Report on all booth activity
  •  Second floor location
  • 1 Ad (Schedulable only)

Following these simple tips when creating your sponsorship packages and you will be monetizing your virtual or hybrid event in no time at all!

For more information about monetizing and setting up sponsorship packages, please visit www.INXPO.com/online-events, email contactsales@inxpo.com or call us at 312-962-3708.