5 Insider Tips on How Create Anticipation for Your Webcast

Engaging Webcast, INXPO

Creating an engaging webcast starts before your audience even logs in to the webcast.  Your goals before the presentation are twofold.  First, you want to spread the word so you can get as many interested audience members as possible.  Second, you want those viewers to be excited about the webcast even before they view it, so that they are eager recipients of your message.

Your VIP’s

List any speakers and their credentials, especially if you have a celebrity or someone high level within your organization joining the webcast.

Sell Your Story

A compelling abstract is one tool to generate anticipation.  Your abstract should clearly and accurately reflect the purpose and content of your event in a creative, articulate way.  A dry or confusing abstract will deter audience members.

Multiple Shout-Outs

Email marketing may seem old fashioned, but it’s still one of the most effective marketing tools out there. You may even already have analytics on your mailing list subscribers that can help you put together a targeted campaign. Setting up multiple e-mail reminders prior to your webcast can increase your attendance rate as much as 30%.

Think out of the Box

Video teasers are great for generating hype.  You can post these teasers to your own website and to video sharing sites like YouTube.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, think how many words a video is worth!

Know Where Your Audience Lives

Post on internet forums and social networking sites.  This includes not only big social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but also smaller niche forums that are pertinent to your products or services.

With every form of advertising, make sure you include some kind of a call to action.  While you may think that your advertising speaks for itself, remember that people online are usually busy and distracted. So in your posts, emails and video teasers, make sure you tell your audience members how they can access your webcast, when to register, and what date and time to log in.  Additionally, be sure to ask your audience members to share your webcast link around with others they know who may be interested.

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Post contributed by Adam Polaszewski