5 Reasons to Add Social Business TV to Your External Jive Community

The author, Scott Kellner, is INXPO’s Chief Marketing Officer.


Previously, my colleague Alexis published a post, “5 Reasons to Add Social Business TV to Your Internal Jive Community.” Guess what? Social Business TV works just as well for your external Jive Community. While members of an internal community consist of an organization’s employees, an external community consists of employees, as well as partners, customers and prospects. As such, activities common in external communities include customer support, product feedback, product questions and product updates (i.e. provided by the administrator of the community).

Let me pause a moment to clarify exactly what I mean by this term. Social Business TV is a simple to use, cost effective and engaging social broadcasting solution. Social Business TV is embodied via our “INXPO !App,” which can be found in the Jive !Apps Market. The INXPO !App is currently free and any Jive user is welcome to install it.

Now, let’s consider five reasons to add the INXPO !App (Social Business TV) to your external Jive Community.

1) Your Audience is Already There.

inxpo engage as jive app

When I think about the typical online event or webcast, a significant consideration relates to audience generation. If I’m going to spend time and money on an online event, how will I garner the registrations and attendees to justify the investment?

Well, that’s the great thing about your existing Jive community: they’re already commenting, liking, sharing and collaborating. Adding Social Business TV is quite seamless to this community – once they add the INXPO !App, they’re able to attend your online event, view your webcast and chat (in real-time) with other community members.

2) Leverage Jive’s Activity Stream to Drive Business TV Viewing.

Our app publishes to the Jive Activity stream when users perform the following activities:

  • Install the app.
  • Attend a Social Business TV event.
  • View a Social Business TV program.
  • View a Social Business TV document.

Social Business TV activities benefit from the same “organic promotion” that Discussions, Blog Posts, Groups and Polls receive by having activity logged in Jive’s “What Matters” feed. In this way, you allow your community members to promote your Social Business TV programs on your behalf.

3) Complement asynchronous communications with real-time interactions.

Much of the activity in your external Jive community is “asynchronous” – one user creates a Discussion thread and later on, other users Like, Share and Comment. By adding Social Business TV, you can facilitate real-time interactions by way of text chat, video chat, real-time Q&A and interactive polling.

You can provide live, scheduled programs for your community and invite them to comment and collaborate in real-time. Think of it like the State of the Union address that the U.S. President delivers, but enabled with real-time interactions from the entire audience: your community.

4) Incorporate Live Video.

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Your external Jive community already contains discussions, external links and on-demand videos. With Social Business TV, you can incorporate live video broadcasts. Perhaps one of your executives has an important announcement to make. Or, your head of product development wishes to provide an exclusive product announcement to your community.

Social Business TV enables just that – and, it doesn’t have to be an elaborate studio production (although we can certainly support that!). Your executives can be broadcast via a webcam connected to a desktop or laptop. It really is that simple.

5) Detailed, Online Metrics to Review.

As your community members view programs, ask questions, respond to polls and chat with one another, they’re building a rich engagement profile that you can use to inform your marketing communications. You can determine which topics are gaining momentum and which presenters connected best with your audience. In addition, you can complement these user-based metrics with the data provided by Jive to build a more complete profile of your community members.


Request a Social Business TV Pilot Program

There are lots of benefits to adding Social Business TV to your external Jive community. For me, the single biggest reason is the enablement of real-time interactions for an online community that’s ready for it. Use the Comments area below to let me know whether you plan to add Social Business TV to your Jive Community. Alternatively, email me with questions about Social Business TV.


Post contributed by Scott Kellner