5 Ways to Use Video in the Recruiting and Onboarding Process

video_onboardingEmployee onboarding is one of the most important aspects of internal communications that a HR department handles. At INXPO, we talk a lot about how video is better, and we believe this can be applied to the recruiting and onboarding process as well.  Video can quickly acclimate new employees with automated programs while minimizing ongoing HR and department effort.  We have outlined for you the 5 ways an HR department can use video in the recruiting and onboarding process.

  1. Video Interviews

From the get go, video can help make the recruiting and hiring process an easier choice. Interviewing candidates through videos helps to put a face to the name. Candidates become more than their resume when you can connect and get a better understanding of their personality through a virtual “face-to-face”.

  1. Simulating a virtual presentation

For a sales and marketing position this can be especially important to give the candidate an exercise and see how well they present virtually. Given the shift the work world is making towards virtual meetings, events and communication, it’s important that new hires are comfortable with technology and having an online presence. This can also shed some light on how they will present in a physical setting.

  1. Onboarding

Being a global or international company comes with many pluses and successes, but it also means that it can be nearly impossible to have the whole brand in one place at once. In the onboarding process it’s important that new hires get a feel for the company as a whole, and connect to the overarching brand. With video, remote speakers can present on different areas of the company and introduce new hires to global teams. Sessions can also be filmed for on-demand viewing to avoid time zone coordination.

  1. Orientation

INXPO is a big fan of “getting to know you” presentations. Each new team member records a mini interview to give the organization a virtual meet-and-greet. With everyone’s busy schedule it can be hard to find the time right away to get to know each new hire. Learning everyone’s name at once can also be overwhelming. With the recorded videos you can learn about the person’s personality and get to know their new role on the team. On the flip side, new hires can also go back and watch other team members old “getting to know you” presentations to learn more about the team.

  1. Training

Training is often the most important step in a new hire process. This can be a lengthy process and is dependent on others time to teach. Video makes this step easier on everyone. Through INXPO’s platform, companies can record and upload on demand training that be used with each new batch of new hires. Interactive elements can also be put in place to insure that the new team members are engaging and learning from their training.


See for yourself how your internal communications could be improved through INXPO’s video communication platform. To learn more about the power of video in internal communication, visit www.inxpo.com/solutions/learning.