5 Webcam Presentation Tips for Your Next Webinar


If you’re a webinar presenter, you should be “on camera” (when possible), so that your audience can see you. Compared to a static image (i.e. your headshot), a video connection (via webcam) creates a much richer and more engaging experience, both for you and your viewers.

Here are 5 Webcam Presentation Tips for Your Next Webinar:

1) Optimize and test your room lighting.

Whether you’re in your home office or a conference room at your main office, check and test your lighting before you go on camera. Try to find a room without windows. If you’re in a room with windows, draw the blinds. Sunlight is great for growing plants, but can be a disruptive factor with webcams. You don’t want your face covered in shadows.

2) Make eye contact “with the webcam”.

If you’ve never presented via webcam, this can be a bit offsetting. Pretend that you’re in a Skype session with a family member on the other end – you want to peer directly into the webcam, as if it (the webcam) are the eyes of a person you’re speaking to. Try to maintain eye contact with the webcam (i.e. your audience), without glancing side to side. Believe me, it really makes a difference.

3) Review your “backdrop”.

Determine whether you want to show a plain background (e.g. a wall) behind you – or whether you’d like to go with some branding (e.g. company or product logo). If you’re presenting to a professional audience from your home office, try not to show off your kid’s kindergarten art work as the backdrop – that’s great for friends and family, but perhaps not for your webinar audience.

4) Remember to smile.

Smile occasionally. Or to the larger point, vary your facial expression, so that you don’t keep the same look (expression) for the entire webinar. Mix it up.

5) Use tactical props.

Take advantage of the video medium by introducing props when appropriate. For instance, if your presentation concerns your latest tablet device, have a sample tablet with you that you can show the audience at the appopriate time. Keep in mind that the view from standard webcams is limited, so don’t plan to do a full hardware review – just showing the tablet may be enough.


Hopefully you can apply these tips to your next video-enabled webinar. Let us know some additional tips that have worked for you!


Post contributed by Dennis Shaio