7 Demand Generation Tips for B2B Marketers from The @Funnelholic

7 demand generation tips from the funnelholic


The Funnelholic (Craig Rosenberg) was our featured thought leader in a recent Thought Leaders LIVE webcast. Craig’s webcast was titled “Demand Generation: 7 Things Every B2B Marketer Should Be Doing Differently in 2012 (and Beyond).” Craig’s tips were so well received that we thought we’d share them with you, our readers.

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Once you register and login, clicks on “Presentations” in the top navigation to find Craig’s webcast. Without further ado, here are the seven tips.

1) Content Marketing

“Now it’s time to really act as a publisher,” Craig noted on one of his slides. I agree. While being a publisher isn’t easy, it’s required (more than ever) for B2B marketers. Craig provided a simple set of guidelines for B2B marketers to follow:

  1. Create once, publish many.
  2. Diversify your portfolio of offers.
  3. Deliver a cadence of content.
2) Create a Diverse Portfolio of Offers

Getting back to the role of a publisher: think about popular online media companies. They probably don’t focus solely on text-based articles. Instead, they’ll publish articles, assemble image-based slide shows, produce live and on-demand video, create pinboards on Pinterest and post pictures on Instagram.

Craig noted, “every buyer is unique in their preference for types of offers,” which means that as a B2B marketer/publisher, you need to provide prospects with content in the format they desire. Because your audience is diverse, your content should follow suit.

3) Persona-based Targeted Marketing

As a first step, The Funnelholic urges you to understand the buyer (i.e. build a buyer persona). Once you’ve done that, map the buyer journey, from marketing funnel to lead qualification funnel to the sales funnel. Doing these steps right helps to inform your entire content marketing cycle. It allows you to deliver highly engaging, highly targeted and highly personalized campaigns. And the end result is a highly qualified lead.

4) Account-specific Campaigns

Speaking of personalized campaigns and qualified leads, Craig’s next tip follows this theme and touches on account-specific campaigns (side note: isn’t it great how well Craig’s points flow from one to the next?). The fancy term is ABM: Account-Based Marketing and the basic approach is:

  1. Demonstrate that you understand your prospects’ business challenges.
  2. Build highly targeted marketing interactions, based on your deep understanding.
  3. [Result] Increase prospects’ awareness of the total value you can deliver.
  4. [Result] Build stronger relationships with prospects
5) Growth Hacks

I’d summarize Craig’s “growth hacks” segment by saying that small tweaks can lead to large impacts. Craig referenced a great blog post from KISSmetrics, which provides details on six particular growth hacks.

Craig touched on Dropbox’s super-simple home page, which encourages you to learn more about the service or download it right away – and Storify’s Facebook integration, which shares songs you’re listening to with your Facebook friends.

6) Mobile Marketing

Craig noted on a slide, “If you don’t think mobile is big, I can’t help you.” In other words, mobile IS BIG, so be sure that your 2012 B2B marketing strategy (and activities) include it. If there are two tips The Funnelholic would like you to remember: make user input forms mobile-friendly and optimize your emails for reading on a mobile device.

7) Social Media

Everyone (and their brother) is providing social media advice to B2B marketers, so Craig urged viewers to stick with simple and basic tactics. For one, “put social sharing on everything.” Don’t forget thank you pages and blog posts. And, embed social sharing directly into your white papers. Prospects can tweet (to their followers) that they’re reading your white paper. Your readers promote the paper on your behalf. Sounds like a growth hack to me!


It’s more challenging to be a B2B marketer in 2012 than it was in 2006. After all, everyone is a publisher these days. And that means that B2B marketers can’t simply be publishers – we need to be elite publishers, whose content our target audience treasures. And frankly, that’s hard to do. But do it well, mix in The Funnelholic’s 7 tips and you’re well on your way.

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Post contributed by Dennis Shiao