7 Reasons To Improve Employee Engagement


Businesses across all industries struggle to attract and hold on to talented employees, and achieving revenue growth is an ongoing challenge. How to overcome these problems? The answer: employee engagement.

Here are seven reasons a high level of employee engagement is crucial for businesses:

  1. Happier employees. If your employees are engaged, they report higher satisfaction with their work. They are also much more likely to stay.
  2. A more productive workforce. Increased productivity is a natural result of having engaged employees. When employees are satisfied with their work experience, they are more willing to put in greater effort at work.
  3. Brand ambassadors. Businesses spend a lot of time and money building their brands and reputations. Imagine the impact that making every employee an ambassador for your brand could have on how your business is perceived. An engaged employee is a force multiplier in promoting your brand. A disengaged employee is more likely to be a detractor than a promoter.
  4. Attract talent. Few people want to join companies where workers are unhappy. If you engage your employees and give them reasons to spread the word on their positive experience, your business can become a magnet for talent seeking better environments in which to apply their skills.
  5. Better customer experience. Employee engagement is only one side of the engagement coin. Happier, more productive, more positive employees deliver better service. Engaged employees therefore can have a big influence on customer engagement.
  6. Competitive advantage. Any employer that has happier, more productive employees who deliver a better customer experience is going to have a competitive advantage, not only in attracting and retaining talent, but also in standing out in their marketplace with customers.
  7. Quicker business growth. The above six elements add up to the seventh key reason for improving employee engagement. Your business will be able to grow much more quickly if everybody on your team is on the same page and has positive feelings about what they and your company are doing. To think of it as an equation, higher-performing, more engaged talent plus more engaged customers equal great results.

If the payoff from higher employee engagement is clear, why aren’t more businesses working on that? Research shows that current levels of employee engagement are negatively influenced by three key components of the work experience.

Aon Hewitt’s 2014 Global Engagement Survey found that communication, business unit leadership and brand alignment are declining 2% to 6% worldwide, and that’s hurting employee engagement. Think about that: Aon Hewitt’s findings are just among employees. When businesses consider that the flip side of the engagement coin is customer engagement, the need for communication and brand alignment becomes even greater.

There are lots of ways to communicate clearly with employees and align perceptions of your brand, and I’ll cover a lot of those in the future. For right now, engagement is a critical activity. If you get everybody who matters to your business on the same page, your chances of succeeding in your business are much greater. To find out more about solutions to engage your employees more effectively check out Bussiness TV.