A Digital Extension for NAB Show 2011

A Digital Extension for NAB Show 2011

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NAB Show 2011 took place in April 2011 in Las Vegas. I attended the show and flew home shortly thereafter. But the show is not over! On May 12, 2011, NAB Show’s digital extension goes live. As the virtual show’s web site says, you can “see product demonstrations you may have missed or continue the conversation from the April show – from the convenience of your home or office.” As I look forward to the digital extension, I thought I’d take a brief look back and share my takeaways from  NAB Show 2011.

Physically Virtual

The virtual and physical worlds are merging whether we like it or not, but I love it! From content management, creative software, real-time 3D processing, to mobile technology, creative content development and consumption has never been easier or more beautifully rendered. Virtual content management allows team collaboration wherever there is an Internet connection.

Technology innovation and reduced pricing places hi-tech paint brushes into the hands of tomorrow’s creative geniuses. Delivery mediums like mobile, tablets, laptops, and desktops allow developers to easily access their markets, consumers to easily access their favorite content, and advertisers the opportunity to generate sales. Choices are plenty, so how we choose to deal with the future of the industry defines us as an organization. For me, the 2011 NAB Show delivered an awe-inspiring look into the past, present, and future of broadcasting!

2011 NAB Show Trends
  1. Content management systems
  2. High-definition global broadcasting of sporting events
  3. 3D rendering technology (hardware and software)
  4. Innovative broadcasting delivery methods (virtual events, webcasting, mobile etc.)
  5. Digital content lifecycles (blogs, movies, TV shows, video games, presentations, etc.)
  6. Broader-casting, as defined by the 2011 NAB Show, is “the creation, management, buying/selling, distribution, and delivery of audio, video, and filmed content for global consumption on any device – stationary or mobile – including television, computer, movie screen, radio, phone, gaming console, storage, digital display, and beyond.“
Industry Movement

Clearly, the show was about content creation, management, and consumption, but there are several emerging focuses that should be considered by broadcasters everywhere. Social networking, mobile delivery, and cheaper and easier technology are offering stunning graphics, professional delivery, and the potential to reach millions of people that are specifically selected based on their user-defined metrics.

Like what smart phones did to the computer industry, virtual delivery is slowly replacing the need for traditional delivery because of accessibility. However, to survive in this turbulent industry, working together provides more value than dominating a specific segment. Because of constant connectivity and technology diversity, deep market penetration is easier than ever before. This united with cheaper and easier to use content management systems, creative suites, and delivery methods create a digital universe of immersive, controllable, and spectacular media.


The 2011 NAB Show was a spectacular event with over 90,000 attendees and more exhibitors than the eye can see in four days.  The industry is changing quickly. Whether it is new technology, methods, processes, creativity, or delivery, the NAB Show did not fail to present its latest and greatest.

If you did not get a chance to attend this year’s show, do not miss your opportunity to extend the conversation at the 2011 NAB Show Virtual View on May 12th. For more information, visit http://www.nabshowvirtualview.com.