Are You Ready for Self-Service Webcasting?

INXPO Self ServiceAs an organization that hosts online events and webcasts, you may be thinking it’s time to take them internal. Are you ready to produce these events on your own? Read on to find out.

What is Self-Service?
First, let’s define what we call Self-Service. In this model, you (as the client) are trained and certified on INXPO product(s) by our staff. Once you complete this process, you’re ready to build and configure you events on your own!

What are the Benefits Self-Service?
There are several benefits of moving to self-service production of your events:

  • Cost savings
  • Time and efficiency – you can get your events created faster
  • Direct control of the production timeline
  • Ability to offer a streamlined experience to your clients

How to Determine if your Company is Ready
If the above sounds intriguing, and you’re interested in learning more about self-service, there are several things to examine to determine your organizations readiness.

Key considerations include:

Self-service involves your whole organization, not an individual. Planning and executing a webcast or virtual event requires the same amount resources as an in-person meeting. Survey the teams within your company to make sure you have the internal bandwidth and buy-in to plan and execute your event.

Your Team’s Willingness to Learn, and Ask Questions. Is the staff on-board with learning new technology? Are they computer-savvy with a desire to increase their skill set? Will they reach out when they need help?  Remember that there will be training to digest once you decide to go the self-service route. If your colleagues aren’t engaged, or can’t grasp the technology, your event could end up being delayed.

Organization. This goes back to the fact that your event will likely involve several of the departments in your company. Here are some baseline items you’ll need to manage for your event, in addition to content planning, speaker liaising and marketing.

  • Tracking documents for presentations and/or the environment build-out. You need to keep tabs on all moving pieces, whether you’re producing 1 webcast or 5 online events.
  • A check list. No matter how you do it, creating and updating a checklist is THE best way to keep your teams on track and aware of the details that go into the event build-out.

Take a look at the Cost-Benefit ratio. Once you have an idea of the scale of the event you’ll be planning, use a cost-analysis tool to project the savings you’ll see with the self-service model, balanced against the overhead costs of the staff that will be contributing to the event planning and build.

Once you’ve examined the above, you can make an informed decision about how you’ll produce your company’s events. And there’s good news, you don’t have to go “cold turkey.” The team at INXPO will work with you to develop a phased approach from full service to self-service.

To learn more about becoming one of our self-service customers talk to us directly by emailing, or check out our website for more information about our webcasting products and solutions.