Are Your Webcasts and Online Events Measuring Up?

INXPO 2016 Benchmark ReportWhen looking back at the webcasts and online events you have run throughout the year, how are you defining success? Reviewing your work is one of the most vital steps towards improvement, and at INXPO we are lucky enough to be able to review thousands of webcasts each year to find out our future best practices. This year we decided to share the wealth and give everyone our Webcasting and Online Events 2016 Benchmark Report to see how your events are measuring up to those of your peers – because even with the most successful events there is always room for improvement.

Here are the top three areas we look for when measuring our program success:

  1. Registrants that attend live: average of 45% of registrants should attend your live event
  2. Average view time per attendee: 43 minutes is the average time spent viewing for a 60 minute webcast
  3. Engagement tools used by attendees: Q&A, Slides and Handouts are the most popular engagement features

To see how your events are measuring up to our stats for our top three metrics and others, download our 2016 Benchmark Report here.