What I learned from the 2016 Cubs

Chicago CubsNo team in professional sports has had a longer drought between championship appearances than the Chicago Cubs. Until this year, the Cubs hadn’t played in a World Series in more than 70 years. As I think about their magical season, the Cubs have given me several lessons to implement in my business and recommend to my company’s clients. 

Want to differentiate? Use video

drew linkedinSeen any good online video ads lately? Chances are, you’re seeing a lot more video content of all varieties, no matter how much time you’re spending on the Internet. Video has quickly become the most popular format for delivering content, and that is unlikely to stop anytime soon – a significant opportunity for enterprise marketers.  

See And Be Seen From An Enterprise View

appearancesFilm director Woody Allen once said, “80% of success is showing up.” He offered this advice to young screenwriters and playwrights back in the 1970s, but it’s a great philosophy today. Why? Because appearances matter more than ever.

Our culture has become accustomed to visuals, from advertising to television to fashion. How things look is hugely important to how we perceive them. Seeing – and being seen – has become a national obsession.