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Online Event Marketing: It’s Not Over Until It’s Over

In today’s digital age, traditional event deadlines don’t always apply. Marketers often believe that they should stop marketing to prospects the day of their online event but there are still many opportunities to drive those last-minute registrants while your event is live.

Your customers may feel that they can’t get access to your event once it starts, here are a few channels you can use to change this mindset.

Using Your Online Events to Build Your Brand

Extending Your BrandYour brand represents not only a customer’s recognition of your product or service but the feeling, impression and opinion you want your customer base to have about it. A brand isn’t built in a month, a year or once you develop your logo but is something that consistently must be nurtured and sustained. Online events, webcasts and video portals can be strong brand building tools.

Inviting an Audience – Get Your Message Across

Get Your Message AcrossWe’ve all played the telephone game when we were kids, telling something to one person and laughing at how much the message changed by the time it was repeated back by the last person in the chain. When you’re communicating to your audience about your product or service you want to grab their attention and make sure that your message is memorable enough to be captured correctly by everyone in your communication chain.