From Webinars to Webcasts – Best Practices to make the Jump to Video

best practices to make the jump to videoVideo is everywhere in our world today. It’s an expected part of our interactions with friends, family and business. Companies today leverage video not only to tell their story, but to generate leads and interest in their product. Video drives discussions, and decision making. Video educates and informs. Given this wide adoption (and expectation) that consumers have to see video, it can be surprising to see how many webinars today still don’t incorporate video in some fashion.

Leveling the Playing Field – A Case Study in the Power of Webcasting Technology

online_footprintHere’s a problem that you love to have: Like many internet companies, our business footprint and presence is practically 100% online. Like most internet businesses, we are always open for business, and literally anyone in the world has the potential to be a customer. So if you are a service based business producing webinars and webcasts, and you cultivate clients that are not just out of your area code but are on the other side of the world – what do you do?

The True Value of Customization

customizationIt’s an interesting fact of our world: innovations in technology drive an increase in ability of software and systems, and at the same time the simplification in how those tools are used allows for a wider adoption. As consumers we want the ability to broadcast ourselves to the world, but there had better be only a few settings to figure out on our smartphones or we’ll abandon it and move onto the next big thing.