Guidance for Virtual Learning Challenges


Is your organization struggling to take content that was successfully delivered in a physical classroom and translate it into a virtual classroom? Do you find it difficult to connect groups of distributed learners, keep their attention and meet both your learning objectives and your target return on investment? Are you wondering how to package 40 or more hours of classroom content into a virtual setting? If so, you are not alone! These are common challenges for organizations that are implementing virtual classroom programs.

For answers to these questions and much more on virtual classroom topics, join me at a workshop at the Enterprise Learning Conference June 8. I’ll offer guidance to help you understand five key steps in redesigning content to successfully deliver it in a virtual classroom. I’ll also provide tips on how to engage the virtual audience, help you keep your learners focused and how your organization can maximize its ROI on training and development. Please join me.

10 Steps You Need to Master When Planning a Webcast


If you are new to the world of webcasts, it is easy to feel overwhelmed when you sit down to plan.  And if you become lost in all the details, you can easily overlook vital steps which are essential to success.  That’s why the best approach is to break it down.  This simple 10-step procedure for planning and executing a powerful webcast can streamline the process and set you up for success.

EXHIBITOR 2014 Recap: Promoting Events with Digital Marketing


Exhibit programs come in many different shapes and sizes. This was evident when walking the expo floor at EXHIBITOR 2014 last week in Las Vegas. From magicians to massive digital LED displays, this was the conference to see the best of the best compete for foot traffic. Having a small 10×10 booth booths on the show floor, I couldn’t help but feel intimidated but yet amazed by the creativity and execution of the surrounding exhibits. Each booth had a story to tell and everyone did it in their very own unique way.

In conjunction with the expo floor, the halls were filled with attendees hurrying to their next session or workshop. With so many different options, and topics ranging from deploying a basic exhibit program to the intricacies of booth design, it was great to see material being covered for all levels.