B2B Marketers Speak – Power of Video and Webcasting

video and webcasting for B2B marketingMy marketing team and I attended an event recently in Boston that reminded me of the power of digital content, especially video, in marketing communications.

At the 2015 B2B Marketing Forum (#mpb2b) hosted by MarketingProfs, I got to do some great networking with peers and I captured quick video interviews with about 50 people about how marketers are using video and webcasting. A major theme of the forum was the importance of engaging your customer. Here are three themes that were shared by the business-to-business marketers that I interviewed:

    1. Video enables telling stories and explaining complex things.Many people are visual learners; they just absorb content more easily when they can see a concept illustrated, animated or presented in photographic form. Video, unlike other media, can involve multiple senses, which creates a richer and more memorable experience.
    2. People respond to video because messages in that medium are more personal. When a person is communicating with you, even via video, it feels more intimate, and people are more likely to respond to calls to action in video form. All marketers know that it’s really easy to ignore or trash an e-mail message, especially one that’s not personalized.
    3.  Video is how people expect and want to consume content today. Everyone’s first choice when they need to know “how do I…” is to look for a video that will show us. When was the last time you searched through your owner’s manual to learn how to change settings in your car? Video is so much easier. Not to mention, we can consume video on virtually any device, any time, anywhere. Like outside when I am trying to figure out “how do I get the top down on my Jeep by myself?“…

It’s not just my “research”… Advertising Age’s September 2015 supplement, Consumers on the Go, reports that adults spend over 20 hours per week consuming media on mobile phones, tablets and PCs. And that’s not just as consumers. More than any other segment, over 50% of Millennials believe their mobile phone should enable them to work whenever, wherever.

For more information on how the world’s largest and most admired companies are reaching and engaging audiences using live and on-demand video, webcasting and online events, visit www.inxpo.com/resources/case-studies/