Benefits of a 365 (Online Community) Relationship

365 online communities mean loveIt’s February, love is in the air…

You might wonder how a 356 community fits in with cupid’s arrow and chocolate.
But healthy relationships and online communities share many of the same benefits.
The same components that make up a strong thriving relationship; solid communication, accessibility, trust, and good looks, can be found in a vibrant 365 online community!


Let me count the ways…

365 communities provide ‘the three A’s’ – always on, available and accessible. 

  • What is the point of a relationship if your knight in shining armor is only available on a quarterly basis? What are you going to do with the long spans of time in between?! You forget. Move on. Seek something more fulfilling.  365 communities are open for business anytime, anyplace. Employees to turn to a reliable source of information housed in a centralized location- whether its 3:00 AM in Omaha to minutes before an important meeting – your audience wont be faced with radio silence when seeking important content!

365 communities increase employee trust and engagement.

  • Consistent and frequent communication builds trust! Ever glance at your phone every few minutes to see if your date from last Friday is going to respond to your message? Minutes turn into hours, you find yourself mulling over the ridiculous things you could have said/done to cause this lack of interest. With a 365 community, your audience will never feel this heartbreak. Consistent, cadence based messaging will show your employees/prospects that they are liked, valued and cared about! Let’s be honest, in any relationship the end game is ‘engagement’. Have a big event coming up? Keep your audience engaged and inspired by compelling video communications leading up to the ‘big day’.

More video communication helps your audience connect on an emotional level.

  • Love letters, phone conversations and photographs can only do so much in a relationship. Take things to the next level with video communication. Video allows your audience to get to know a presenter on a more personal level than they would through voice or text. Video communication allows the audience to truly interact with the presenter, ask real time questions, get to know the speaker’s personality and have a ‘real’ conversation.

This Valentines let INXPO play cupid and strike you with the ideal online community- always available, engaged and connecting on an emotional level. Learn more about having a 365 online community with INXPO’s Business TV.