Benefits of the 3 Content Streaming Types

Live,SemiLive,OnDemandBinge watching TV on-demand through Netflix or DVR has become the new standard, and in many ways irreplaceable. However, when it’s Super bowl Sunday or the night of the Oscars there is still a scramble to tune in while the program is broadcasted live.

Webcasting events are similar in that there is also a variety of streaming options, whether it’s live, simu-live or on-demand. Each variation has its own benefits and perks, and the key is finding which one fits the goals of the event and content best.


Webcasting events that are broadcasted live give the most authentic event experience because of their spontaneity. Much like the Super bowl, live virtual events have the highest attendance levels because the scheduled time generates an excitement and buzz around the event. When everything is happening in the present it keeps your content fresh and your audience is more likely to stay tuned in to watch things unfold in real time. Live programming also often has the strongest levels of engagement because the audience and speaker have the opportunity to connect and experience the message at the same time.


A simu-live webcast is similar to going to the movie theater. All the content is pre-recorded, but the scheduled show times helps to drive the event attendance to be higher. This version is the most flexible option allowing for the speaker to record when it is most convenient for them, and then they have the option to schedule the program for a time that accommodates different time zones to reach a larger scale audience. Simu-live also gives the speaker liberties to engage further with their audience. The presentation can be pre-recorded but include a live Q&A where the speaker can dedicate their attention to interacting with viewers throughout the program or upon completion of the recording. Finally, semi-live offers less of a gamble than live broadcasts. Presenters have time to review and edit the presentation before it goes out for a seamless experience.


Viewing webcasts on-demand is the Netflix of virtual events, viewers can pause, walk away or binge watch, available to them 24/7. On-demand is the most versatile of the broadcasting types, because both live and simu-live options can become on-demand after their air dates. The greatest benefit of on-demand is that it allows attendees to get the content they want for three to six months after the original air date. This extends the reach of the audience and allows for syndication of the content and promotion of the archive period to continue lead generation even after the live event.

Hopefully these key considerations and benefits of each of the streaming options can help guide your choice when planning your next virtual event or webcast. For more information on our platform and streaming possibilities visit our website or contact us directly at