Best brands show value of communication

Best brands show value of communicationWe are surrounded by brands in our daily lives: the cars we drive, the foods we eat, the technology we use, the products that fill our homes. But not all brands are equally valued; some are more recognizable and valuable than others.

Why is that? What makes one brand more visible and popular, and therefore more valuable, than another? Thinking about it as a marketer, it comes down to how well a brand speaks for itself – how it communicates and how its story resonates with its customers.

Interbrand, a brand consultancy that is part of Omnicom Group, annually publishes a study of the 100 most valuable global brands. The 2015 edition has a lot of insights into both new and old brands; topping the list of most valuable brands is Apple, followed by Google and Coke. These are brands that most of us, in one way or another, encounter virtually every day.  And if we stop to reflect, we understand “who they are”.

As I look at Interbrand’s list, what impresses me most is that each of these brands has a story, a message, that’s relevant for its consumers. To me, Apple makes technology easy and useful – for anyone.  Coke cares about people – A Coke and a smile, bringing the world together to sing for the holidays, it all feels good.  Communication is incredibly valuable for expressing a brand, and I believe that all of the world’s most valuable brands do a very effective job of communicating with their stakeholders.

Interbrand’s 2015 Best Global Brands report puts it well: “Brands climbing up the value chain are those creating experiences that reinforce the brand in multiple contexts.” The more ways you can give your audience opportunities to interact with and experience your brand, the more your brand is going to resonate. Underpinning this is a consistent method of communicating to engage the people you need to reach.

My company, INXPO Inc., is privileged to serve a number of the companies whose brands appear on the Interbrand list. Some are in the technology sector; others are heavy industry; and some are in consumer products. What we help them and other enterprises do is make it easy to create memorable experiences through live online events powered by video. Our customers know the value of communicating to internal as well as external audiences with messages that engage, inform, and inspire.  Video is a fantastic way to do that.  It is personable and interactive.

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