Bridge The Gap Between Your Physical and Virtual Audiences

second screenIt might seem ironic, but with all the engagement features available to virtual event attendees it can feel like they have a more interactive event experience than the attendees at the physical event. While virtual attendees know what’s happening on their platform and the live event, physical attendees only have access to what’s in front of them. INXPO’s Second Screen offers a solution to avoid any physical audience member from feeling alienated from the global virtual audience.

Second Screen is a multi-faceted engagement tool offered on mobile phones and tablets to extend the webcasting and virtual event experience to physical audience members. Technically speaking it is a ARS (Audience Response System) similar to when you would cast your vote for the next American Idol from the comfort of your couch, but taken to the next level of engagement.

Serving two main purposes, Second Screen works well for large conferences and events to bridge the gap between a physical and virtual audience, and at group setting events, such as a CEO coffee talk, where many people are gathered watching a speaker.

By accessing Second Screen through a simple URL, physical attendees can access the same chat, push-polling, Q&A and social media features commonly available to online attendees. This helps the two audiences interact with eachother as well being connected to the same chat and features for a more streamlined event. Second Screen can also give event organizers a better sense of how big their audience is.

When all the Second Screen users are in the same physical space, such as in an office listening to a speaker, Second Screen can help encourage participation. It’s often intimidating to raise your hand or grab the mic to ask a question in front of everyone, but with Second Screen each attendees questions can be asked, without the pressure of breaking the ice in front of everyone.

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