Bring your Webcasts Home for the Holidays

thanksgiving_webcastportalAt INXPO we like to think of our Webcast Portal as giving your webcast series a home, which is a cozy thought with the holidays quickly approaching. This gives you the opportunity to organize and filter your webcasting content, while displaying them all directly on your website. Much like hosting your crazy extended family for Thanksgiving the first time, the Webcast Portal brings all your webcasts together to one place. However, with INXPO’s technology it’s not nearly as intimidating as hosting the family, in fact, it’s actually a piece of cake…or apple pie.

For the host of the portal, the duplication effort of putting your webcasts on-demand is eliminated. The portal pulls meta data, including title, photo, speaker info and thumbnail that are already built into your webcast and transfer it to the portal. The web designer no longer needs to create an on-demand page for the webcast. Think of this like having an automatic dish washer after Thanksgiving versus the tedious task of washing by hand.

On the viewer side, the webcast portal acts like a one-stop-shop.  Webcasts Portals allow for you to effectively reach your target audience with the content they want right when they are researching you on your website. As a perspective customer, would you rather spend hours in the grocery store and researching recipes or come over for a fully prepared meal?

Commonly used as a content marketing lead generation tool, INXPO allows for full customization of the Webcast Portal so that it can be perfectly aligned with your brand and include all your secret branding recipes. Our Webcast Portal feature sheet outlines the flexible customization offered. One key feature is being able to categorize your webcasts so that leads can go to directly what they are looking for. For tips on webcast organization, continuing reading on to our “Tending to your Blooming Video Library” post.

Interested in a taste of what a Webcast Portal could do for your content marketing? Talk to us directly by emailing We promise it will be better than your catching up with Aunt Berta over her green bean casserole.