Capturing Video, Publishing Content, Analyzing Results – INXPO’s latest product release

INXPO's 12.6 product release available nowThe most daunting task for a product manager during a release cycle is finding balance between the demands of the market and the requests of your clients. Finding this balance for our organization is a finely choreographed dance across a razor blade.

For us, the dance of balance stems from the speed at which we iterate our products, every 90 days. For some organizations 90 days is plenty of time to iterate, release enhancements, and new features. The challenge for us is we are not improving a single product; we are improving an entire platform that deploys our 4 products (BTV, XPOCAST, Prime, and VX).

To ease the burden caused by our self-imposed speed we give each release a theme. Theming each release cycle allows us to find the balance on both sides of the equation; market demands and client requests.

For 12.6, our theme is Capture, Publish, Analyze. While that theme seems very broad stroke, it helped us focus efforts across the our products. Allowing the teams here at INXPO to get some really interesting items into this release. I’ll be getting into a couple of those later in the post, and the team will take deeper dive on September 23rd during the Release Recap which is a showcase of the release items that will be presented to our current customers.

So… What does a Capture, Publish, Analyze theme look like?

The 12.6 release concentrated on making our clients lives easier and giving them the tools to manage the lifecycle of their communications effortless. Effortless, in the sense that we are supplying more ways to create, share, and analyze critical communications.We’re super excited about each enhancement and tool in 12.6, but there are three new features that I want to highlight here: Quick Video (Create), Video Syndication (Share), and the Trends Analysis Dashboard (Analyze).

Quick Video

I bet you’re asking, “What is Quick Video?”. Quick Video is our newest capture method that allows users to capture and publish video presentations from their mobile device in a few simple clicks. Weekly team updates are an excellent use case for Quick Video. Using this feature team leads can quickly create fresh, relevant, and important information in a couple of clicks using their mobile device from anywhere to ensure their teams are in the know.

The flexibility Quick Video provides our clients is pretty huge. Expect a lot more around the ins and outs of Quick Video in a future blog by Sean Patrick Keen, Director of Pre-Sales for BTV.

Video Syndication

There’s nothing really complicated to understand about the word Syndication. This concept has been used by Television for decades now. Take something published in one place and publish it across a broad spectrum of other places to increase its reach.That is the core principal behind our new Video Syndication feature. You’re now able to take on demand content produced inside the INXPO platform and syndicate it across all your communications channels: blogs, corporate properties, social, etc.

Syndication allows our clients’ content to speak for itself to help drive their communication initiatives.

Trends Analysis Dashboard

If there is one item in this release I am most excited about it’s this one! The Trends Dashboard offers our clients the ability to get the complete picture of their environment’s health and activity. In order to display an environment’s health and activity in a meaningful way we gave birth to Carl (C.A.R.L – Content, Audience, Retention, Loyalty).

  • Content: What/where your people are creating?
  • Audience: What your audience is watching?
  • Retention: How long are they staying?
  • Loyalty: Are they coming back?

We answered Carl’s questions in a graphical format that gives our clients the ability to see their Business TV Station’s, Networks and Channels activity over time. This will allow our clients to see the trends (pun intended) around their Carl’s health.

Those are just a few of the items that launched within the 12.6 release. Looking forward to release 12.7 and beyond…

We will continue to improve our reporting and analytics capabilities across all of our products. In addition to providing our clients with world class technology, we will also help them become more strategic around their mission critical business and communications programs.