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Event Contingency Planning

Event Contingency PlanningNo matter how much you plan, when it comes to live events some things will still catch you off guard, which that is all part of the excitement and authenticity of doing it live. What’s important is that should you be caught in one of those off-the-wall moments and something goes wrong, you have a contingency plan to help stop the panic and get the event back to normal as soon as possible. Prepare for the worst, plan for the best is a great motto to follow!

Top Reasons for a Single Video Platforms

Top Reasons for ConsolidationIn most cases, the larger the enterprise the more moving parts and vendors to manage. Frost and Sullivan’s recent web events industry report stated that most enterprises are now looking for a one solutions fits all approach to their vendors. Luckily, when it comes to communication tools for both internal and external audiences there is option to consolidate.

The Perfect Login & Registration Page

Login and registration pages serve a straight forward purpose, which can often cause the details of them to be overlooked when creating your webcast or online event. Before rushing to get an easy check off on your event to-do list, follow these few simple best practices that will take your pages from a basic step to an enticing reason for your audience to tune in. Afterall sometimes the smallest details can make up the biggest impression!

Online Event Marketing: It’s Not Over Until It’s Over

In today’s digital age, traditional event deadlines don’t always apply. Marketers often believe that they should stop marketing to prospects the day of their online event but there are still many opportunities to drive those last-minute registrants while your event is live.

Your customers may feel that they can’t get access to your event once it starts, here are a few channels you can use to change this mindset.

Live Streaming Video Delivery

In my last post, I provided a short glossary of terms to get us comfortable with live streaming media language.  Now that we have some of the acronyms down, let’s map them out in a diagram to see how video gets captured, encoded, delivered and consumed using cloud technologies.

Live Video Streaming Image
Live Video Streaming Workflow With INXPO STUDIO

You will see in the workflow above INXPO STUDIO, INXPO’s HTML5 broadcasting technology replaces traditional hardware such as encoders and video switchers used to swap and combine media sources.

This technology advancement disrupts the live streaming workflow that we know today and paves the future for what’s to come.