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Improve your Marketing Storytelling

Content is king. But unlike real kings, there isn’t just one per country, there are a million content kings out there and they are all competing for your audience. In the saturated world of online marketing, it’s important to find a way to stand out before becoming the online equivalent of the man on the corner swirling the “we buy gold” sign.

The Perfect Login & Registration Page

Login and registration pages serve a straight forward purpose, which can often cause the details of them to be overlooked when creating your webcast or online event. Before rushing to get an easy check off on your event to-do list, follow these few simple best practices that will take your pages from a basic step to an enticing reason for your audience to tune in. Afterall sometimes the smallest details can make up the biggest impression!

Online Event Marketing: It’s Not Over Until It’s Over

In today’s digital age, traditional event deadlines don’t always apply. Marketers often believe that they should stop marketing to prospects the day of their online event but there are still many opportunities to drive those last-minute registrants while your event is live.

Your customers may feel that they can’t get access to your event once it starts, here are a few channels you can use to change this mindset.

Technologies Making Live Video Streaming Possible

The need to reach multiple platforms and devices has been a constant challenge for content creators.  As technologies evolve, bandwidth challenges are being addressed and video is getting easier to create, distribute and consume. Technologies are continuing to be developed to allow applications, browsers and platforms to work together to make live streaming possible.