PCMA Convening Leaders 2018 MashUp Interview with Jeff Heisler

PCMA Convening Leaders 2018 was all about amplifying the engagement. Senior Account Executive at INXPO, Jeff Heisler sat down with PCMA at their event in Nashville, to discuss the future of live streaming for events and meetings. You can catch the full interview below, and if you missed the live event it’s not too late to catch the top sessions rebroadcasted for you online, powered by INXPO. To watch for free click here.

Disrupting the Video Landscape Industry Panel Highlights

A recent Frost & Sullivan report showed that web events are undergoing a significant technology evolution with the adoption of HTML5, WebRTC, social streaming and cloud proliferation. Industry experts and enterprise leaders gathered for a live panel broadcasted on Aug. 10 to discuss the reinvention of broadcast style video, and how it is getting easier to create, distribute and consume.

If you missed the live airing, catch the highlights video here, and to download the full Frost report click here.

5 Stats on the Growth of Video

Stats on Video GrowthWith easy access to smartphones and tablets, laptops and computers, the growth of video marketing is 2017’s hottest topic. Video is no longer an up and coming marketing resource, video has arrived and is in full force. Reaching your audience is limitless when creating content that can be shared by people all over the world. By

News Roundup – What Drives Millennials to Events?



Would you be surprised if we told you that 75% of millennials say they value experiences over things? Whether the experience provides an artsy picture for your next Instagram post or allows you to march alongside people who share similar beliefs, millennials value human connection. In this month’s News Roundup we found articles that reveal what drives 18-34 year-olds to events and what keeps them attending.

Post Webcast Tactics to Extend the Value of Your Content

INXPO Re-purposing webcast contentAfter putting in months of hard work into promoting and producing a marketing webcast, resist quickly shifting gears after the live program and moving on to the next thing. If you’ve done your homework and have great content, there’s tons of potential for your webcast program to have a long shelf life and continue to be a true asset in your marketing tool belt. Outlined below are a few ideas to get you started on re-purposing your content to get the most value.