What to Look for When Choosing a Webcast Provider

Selecting a webcast provider is a big decision, after all you are relying on this technology to bring your content to life. That’s why it’s important to pick a vendor that feels like a true partner in your event with the same sense of investment. The most successful webcasts combine engaging features for effective communication, with the technology to back it up so glitches and hiccups are minor, if any.  Use our checklist as a reference guide on questions to ask and features you need when selecting your webcast vendor. Technical Must Haves: HTML5 – With Adobe Flash ending, it’s

Designing Your Webcasts PowerPoint Slides

Webcast PowerPoint SlidesSlide decks are often the starting point when creating content for your next presentation. Weather you’ve chosen to do a video or audio presentation, it’s easy to get all your thoughts down on a slide first and then build the rest of your presentation. However, it’s important to not let your slides carry the weight of your content. If you do, your slides will show it through mounds of copy and visuals that will only drive people to boredom, not engagement.