Communication Gaps Filled by Video

Solid communication techniques have a waterfall effect of positive outcomes for an organization – more engaged employees, more efficient work and more successes. However, it’s not always easy. Sometimes communicating with one person can be challenging enough, never mind an entire company. Using video to enhance corporate communications can help fill challenging gaps.

The value of face-to-face communication has clear benefits. It feels more genuine, tone is confused less frequently and overall the message is clearer. While face-to-face sounds ideal, it’s not always feasible in a large corporation or with a dispersed workforce.

According to the Harvard Business Review, “Physical proximity between leaders and employees isn’t always feasible. But mental or emotional proximity is essential.” Video evokes same feeling of an in-person conversation, and doesn’t require the extra leg work and scheduling of meeting in person.

Video also allows for quicker speed of communication. The technology today behind live streaming video makes it simple for anyone to broadcast, and even have their announcement viewed in real time. After all, time is money.

Another big gap in communication for corporations is having one-sided messaging that isn’t open for creating a dialogue between executives and employees. Video is the perfect avenue for bringing in multiple voices and opinions to create a conversation instead of a monologue. Conversations are more engaging content for viewers, and offering a chat or Q&A option accompanying the video let’s viewers feel a part of the conversation.

Lastly, corporate communications shouldn’t be just for the executive team.  Millennials and Generation Z employees want to be hands on in their work environment and feel like an important voice to their company. Opening up video contributions to the whole company allows for fresh faces to be seen and builds a stronger community within your work environment.

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