Compel Your Virtual Conference Audience With These 3 Simple Tips

There are many reasons why potential attendees cannot participate in face to face events but still want to receive the information provided at the event. David McMillin from PCMA wanted to learn how to solve this problem and went to Scott Cotter, Chief Marketing Officer at INXPO, for tips to create compelling virtual learning opportunities.

  • First give attendees the opportunity to be involved in the event through video, polling, social media, and more so that you can hold their attention.
  • Secondly get higher attendance by not delaying your marketing campaign. Promote the event with virtual offerings and on-site registration to encourage the audience to save a reminder on their calendar.
  • Lastly it’s OK to start small and take baby steps with your event. You will need new skills on your event team, more resources, and time to learn what works and what needs improvements.

Implementing these tips and getting help to do so for your big event can help increase attendance and drive your company to success. Read in Davis McMillin’s article here and get insights on starting your virtual engagement strategy when you register here for a free webinar with Mary Beth Micucci, Director of Digital Events, HIMSS Media, and Emma Meyer, Executive Producer, INXPO.