Create Live Online Events, Powered By Video

Online Events Powered By Video, a whitepaper by INXPOAccording to a MicroMarket Monitor report, “the North America enterprise video market was valued at $4.44 billion in 2014 and is estimated to reach $12.01 billion in 2019,” at a compound annual growth rate of 22.0%.

Organizations from large enterprises to non-profits and associations need to reach and engage sizable, diverse and often widely distributed audiences of customers, prospects, employees and members. An effective and personable way to do that is through streaming live and on-demand video. 
Live and on-demand video can address a variety of needs for enterprises, from marketing demand generation and thought leadership, to sales enablement and training, new product launches, internal communications, training and development, and more. Video is the fastest-growing form of content on the Internet, and consumption of video on mobile devices is skyrocketing. 
Enterprise video is a powerful tool to engage, inform and inspire audiences. When video content is compelling, presenters build connections with viewers, and audience engagement is high. Enterprises that align their video programming with their business strategy not only make their communications much more effective, but they also find that those messages lead to improved performance and attainment of business goals.
Find out why video is growing so quickly in this whitepaper.  Where we explore the critical success factors and essential elements in enterprise video, as well as how to create high-performing video communication programs.