Creating a Variety of Live Stream Video Content

LiveStreamingContentForm hearing “Live from New York, it’s Saturday night!” to “We are coming to you live” on the nightly news, it’s hard to beat broadcasting live and in the moment. Nothing creates quite the same buzz around an event as seeing things take place as they are happening. Using a live video platform for marketing, sales enablement or corporate communications helps to generate excitement and engagement from your customers and employees. Here are four different types of live streaming content you might not have known you had.


By nature, in-person events are as live as it gets, therefore a virtual live streaming component is a great way to extend the reach of an in-person event, while giving virtual attendees a similar experience. Any important announcements, speeches or releases can be revealed at the same time so that the virtual and physical audience can engage with each other in a cohesive event experience. No one likes to be the last to know and find out through a spoiler on social media.

If an event is completely virtual, live streaming can help keep the same energy and excitement that comes with attending an in-person event. Creating a waiting period after the live event ends for the on-demand release, motivates people to make sure they tune in at the right time.

Behind the scenes exclusives

During a live stream hybrid event, providing virtual attendees with behind the scenes looks and exclusive content is a great way to grab the attention of viewers and give them an experience they would have in person. Something that can’t be done as well in an in-person event can make great content for live streaming. For example, hosting a news desk exclusive interview of keynote speakers for virtual attendees can give people a more candid and personable perspective of the event. Our customers have seen great success by having the news desk host interviews with speakers before presenting or having a roving reporter gathering man-on-the-street style interviews with physical attendees.

CEO announcements and Q&A

Live streaming can help communicate mission-critical and strategic information quickly and effectively to a dispersed workforce. Employees attending the same live stream in different time zones or countries can help further improve communication. Creating a live event feel around announcements from executives helps get employees more engaged and involved in organizations giving personal feel to messaging. Live streaming portals also provide an ideal environment for Question and Answer with the CEO or other high level executives. Attendees can submit questions or post them in a chat to be able to get a personal answer from the presenter and other attendees.

With INXPO’s Event Cloud®, the possibilities of customized live streaming content are endless. If you are interested in learning more about how our customers have executed these content types, you can find our case studies here.