Designing Your Webcast Layout to Your Content

Part of the beauty of hosting a webcast is creating a branded, custom destination for your content. Set apart from other video platforms, webcasts offer the ability to use your logo, brand colors, and choose the engagement features that best accompany your video and slides.

When selecting the layout for your webcast it’s important to keep your content and audience in the front of mind. To help you get started, below are three of the most popular webcast layout “blueprints” we see among our customers, and the range of use cases they can fit into.

The Traditional
The most common of webcast layouts, and there’s a reason this one is a classic. This layout covers all the bases of making your content the main focus with a panel for both video and slides, and three engagement opportunities including: chat, Q&A and handouts.

Use Cases: Product launches, thought leadership marketing content, training or certification programs













The Influencer
There’s hardly a sporting event or TV show that doesn’t have live tweets around the programming, and with this layout the same experience can be applied to your webcast all in one screen. The webcast Twitter feed can generate all tweets around the webcast hashtag giving the audience an interactive way to discuss the content with each other. This engagement tool is also great for spreading awareness to a social platform to generate a larger audience.

Uses Cases: Keynotes, physical event news desk broadcasts and footage













Modern Fireside Chat
In some cases, its best to keep things simple. This layout is best for captivating speakers or live streams that don’t need to rely on slides or other content to convey the message. Q&A allows for two-way communication to still happen and promotes a dialogue between the presenter and the audience.

Use Cases: CEO town hall, panel discussions, debates













We hope these ideas got you excited for planning your next webcast, if you’d like to know more about INXPO STUDIO visit our website here or talk to us directly by emailing