Digital Events? We’ve Got An App For That.

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Recently, we announced our selection as a featured partner in Jive’s next generation platform launch. In my (slightly biased) mind, this was not one a small step forward. Rather, it was a giant leap with regard to digital event platforms.

I’ve been arguing for some time the days of the monolithic digital events platform are numbered. Today, digital events currently reside at a URL beginning with “name.<platform>.com.” Tomorrow, URL’s become less meaningful as we interact with components of a digital event platform (whether we realize it or not).  

Ladies and gentlemen, tomorrow has arrived. We’ve created a Jive !App that resides in the Jive !Apps Market. Users of Jive communities can download the INXPO !App and experience all of the features of functions of our platform, including webcasts, chat, social wall, social gamesand more.

Let’s consider the reasons this development is important.

Technology Distribution

Technology adoption and usage grows the more places you make it available. Think about Twitter and Facebook. While a lot of activity happens on and, their buttons are embedded across the web; Twitter has desktop and AIR clients you can use; and their experience extends to mobile devices in the form of apps.

Digital event technology stands to benefit in the same way. The closer you can come to providing “Like” or “Tweet” buttons, the more usage you drive – and the more audience it exposes to your underlying service, whether that’s a social network or a digital event.

Our belief in this trend has led us not only into the Jive !Apps Market, but also to support mobile experiences via HTML5 support and via mobile apps, for iOS and Android.

When In Rome…

When in Rome, do as Romans do, right? When a user is actively participating in a Jive community, taking them outside of that community wouldn’t be, well, Roman. Our Jive !App is completely embedded within Jive, which means that the user experience stays completely in tact, with Jive users interacting with our platform directly inside their community.

A Gift: Audience Generation

Want a pre-existing audience to your digital event? How about your pre-existing Jive community? Embed an upcoming digital event or webcast – and when the live date arrives, your audience is there, waiting for you.

Sure, you may need to remind them to attend, but for those already in the community on the particular day (and time), they simply need to click “Attend” to enter the live event or webcast. Isn’t that great?

A Framework for Engagement

Jive communities also provide a pre-existing framework and model for engagement. When you embed digital events (and all of the events’ related features) inside that community, you allow deeper engagement to occur.

Our app publishes activity streams back into Jive. So in the Jive “newsfeed” (also called “What Matters”), users’ digital event activities appear for their friends and followers to see. This sort of “organic promotion” incents other users to perform similar activities within the digital event.

Digital Events & Jive Communities

Adding digital events to your online communities can help those communities thrive. Digital events add a real-time component, during which community members exchange ideas, answer questions and collaborate – all in real-time.

Digital events can serve as a great “launch vehicle” for kicking off your online community. Schedule events, make announcements and build that critical mass of users. Real-time engagements are a perfect complement to the interactions that occur asynchronously within a community.


Digital event technologies are hereby growing beyond the convention four walls of “the platform.” They’re moving closer and will be soon coming to a theater near you. Are you ready? Contact us today for more information on our Jive !App or our mobile solutions.

Additionally, visit our Jive Partnership page or read about our Webcasting platform.


Post contributed by Dennis Shiao