Does Your Webinar Audience Multitask? You Bet.

Pictured: Carmen Taran, Co-Founder of Rexi Media.


When you present to a physical audience, it’s relatively “hard” for your audience to abandon you. Someone sitting in the middle of a row doesn’t want to ask half of that row to stand up – and, draw attention to whole scene. Surfing on your smartphone looks rude, even though lots of attendees do it today (in the form of tweets).

Consider an online audience. It’s a scary thought for presenters: your audience’s attention is only one click away.

Common Attention Grabbers

I pay attention to 65%+ of an online presentation. What am I doing the other 35% of the time? Well, consider these common “attention grabbers“:

  1. My task tray flashes to indicate a new email.
  2. I receive a new chat request from a colleague.
  3. I’m curious to see whether anyone mentioned me on Twitter (confession: I check this way too many times in a given day).
  4. I notice that there are some unread messages in my personal inbox.
  5. The phone rings.
How Do Presenters Respond to These Factors?

You may be inclined to throw your hands in the air. Well, go ahead and do that. But throw those hands, then cheer, because a leading presentation expert, Carmen Taran, will be joining us soon for an informative live Webcast.

Carmen’s webcast is titled “Innovative Techniques for Presenting to Multitaskers” and it’s live (in INXPOLIVE) on April 10, 2012 at 12PM ET. Carmen won’t just tell you how to respond – she’llshow you. To register for this free Webcast, click the button below:

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Post contributed by Dennis Shiao