Email Newsletters on Digital Events, Internal Communications and More


Digital events have taken on new forms and functions. What began with a 60 minute webinar or a half-day virtual trade show has expanded tremendously. Now, our technology platform supports job fairs, sales kick-off meetings, senior leadership meetings, product launches, hybrid events and many more solutions.

To help our customers and partners understand trends and developments in the many markets we serve, we’ve decided to start a series of email newsletters.


Engage Online is published monthly and covers the broad topic of “online engagement.” We’ll share resources on hybrid events, digital events, webinars, online communities and more. You can view the first edition of the newsletter here:

Learning Ledger is published monthly and covers the entire spectrum of online learning content. I believe the world of learning is undergoing a transformation of sorts and we’re excited to be a part of that change. You can view the first edition of Learning Ledger here:

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Internal Communicators is published monthly and covers the world of internal communications (of course!). Whether you’re a corporation, association or not-for-profit, we believe that internal communications is as important as ever. We’ll share resources to keep you current.

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Talent Matters is published monthly and covers talent management, recruiting and HR topics. We’ll share resources with a slant towards how online technologies can benefit talent management and HR.


We welcome you to subscribe to one or more of our newsletters!


Post contributed by Dennis Shiao