Engaging Your Audience – Post Event

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to engage with your audience! Post event communications is crucial in the success of an event. Communication with your attendees goes beyond the event itself and into the feeds of their social media and email inbox. Re-purpose your event content though social media posts and gain a better understanding of your audiences’ experience through interactive surveys. By being present with your consumers post event, you are maximizing your impact and interest!

Successfully engage in post event communications with these simple steps.

Reach Out


  • Show your appreciation by sending a ‘thank you for attending’ email. This provides the opportunity to promote on demand, include any promised materials, and include a short survey of the event.

Registrants and Prospects

  • Let your customers know you’re thinking of them. Get in touch with those who missed the event by emailing them and encouraging them to catch up on what they missed either through on demand or their colleagues.

Create a Survey

  • Show your attendees you value their experience! A post-event survey can tell you what attendees liked and didn’t like about the event, how well they received your product, and what they may want to see at your next event.


  • Event lead nurturing is the process of developing a relationship with your prospects by providing them with information that will be useful to them and positioning your company as a thought leader.

Re-Purpose Event Content

  • Blogging: Give a brief overview of the session and the main talk points. By writing a post-event blog you are able to update those who could not attend and provide a refresher on those who did attend.
  • Social Media: Interact with attendees on social media by posting statistics from your event, highlights, and links to related material. Another advantage of posting to social media is advertising the event on demand!
  • Create a content calendar: Visualize your content distribution through a content calendar. Your calendar could include anything from a follow up interview with speaker(s)  to newsletter articles and infographics!

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