Event Contingency Planning

Event Contingency Planning

No matter how much you plan, when it comes to live events some things will still catch you off guard, which that is all part of the excitement and authenticity of doing it live. What’s important is that should you be caught in one of those off-the-wall moments and something goes wrong, you have a contingency plan to help stop the panic and get the event back to normal as soon as possible. Prepare for the worst, plan for the best is a great motto to follow!

When creating your contingency plan these are the key steps to keep in mind:

Step 1: Work hand-in-hand with IT
Include your IT team right off the bat when running a live broadcast. IT knows best on bandwidth reach and how to best achieve your desired results. Involving IT will ensure that your Plan A is set up for success, and help put some preventative measures in place. Some examples include, adaptive bitrate for your video feed, and hosting a viewing room which sparks attendee interaction and decreases the number of screens in use.

Step 2: Identify potential problems
Look at your technology with a critical eye and create a backup plan for all possible factors that could go wrong. Even the most dependent technology can have its share of hiccups and the more prepared you are the more at ease you will be should they happen. Create an outlined plan and distribute to your event team, and this will lower the chance of further error from communication challenges.

Step 3: Communicate to your audience
Although it might be easier to pretend the problem isn’t happening, it’s better to not leave your audience in the dark. Create pre-written communication for different errors that you can quickly send out via email, alerts or chat within that event, that keeps attendees in the loop. People are more likely to stay tuned in if they know the issue is being addressed and will be resolved momentarily.

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