EXHIBITOR 2014 Recap: Promoting Events with Digital Marketing


Exhibit programs come in many different shapes and sizes. This was evident when walking the expo floor at EXHIBITOR 2014 last week in Las Vegas. From magicians to massive digital LED displays, this was the conference to see the best of the best compete for foot traffic. Having a small 10×10 booth booths on the show floor, I couldn’t help but feel intimidated but yet amazed by the creativity and execution of the surrounding exhibits. Each booth had a story to tell and everyone did it in their very own unique way.

In conjunction with the expo floor, the halls were filled with attendees hurrying to their next session or workshop. With so many different options, and topics ranging from deploying a basic exhibit program to the intricacies of booth design, it was great to see material being covered for all levels. As a co-presenter with Nancy Drapeau, PRC, Research Director at CEIR, contributor of A Digital Playbook for Your Exhibit Program, I was surprised to see many exhibit professionals in our audience without a digital marketing strategy surrounding their events.


Having been on that side of the fence and not really understanding how or what digital tactics I should be using to promote my exhibit/event, our session gave a variety of examples that highlighted trends in how exhibitors are implementing digital tactics in their exhibit marketing programs. To help attendees recap key takeaways from the session, we thought it would be beneficial to give everyone access to a Digital Marketing Checklist. This checklist was designed to guide anyone interested in deploying one or many of the tactics mentioned, including:

  • Social Media Outreach Channels
  • Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Using you Website a Promotional Vehicle
  • Paid Media Strategy
  • Utilizing Marketing Automated to Stay Connected & Informed


Here is where you can download the checklist. For those interested in reading the full report that was discussed in our session, go to: Digital Playbook. This report is available to you at no cost.


Post contributed by Adam Polaszewski