“Going Viral” with messaging and video

personalized marketingTo put it simply, getting people to buy products and services is the point of marketing. While there are lots of ways to approach that task — and an almost limitless number of vendors pitching solutions – the one common mission in all marketing is to influence buyers’ behavior.

In order to be persuasive marketers must acknowledge the many factors that influence effective communications. Buyer’s generation, personality, down to their emotion of the moment can be prominent elements in their buyer decision. Stack these factors on top of the communication channel/medium the marketer chooses and it no longer seems like a simple task.

An approach that is gaining traction is the use of behavioral data, to better understand and engage buyers’ personalities. Most people tend to fall into distinct categories of personality that drive their behavior. One model labels such behaviors as dominant, inspiring, supportive or cautious. Personality marketing is a refinement of customer segmentation that seeks to answer the question, “How should I sell to this person based on their behavioral tendencies and get them to buy?”

Figuring out the answer is far from a gut feel. Big Data and consumer analytics are making this an increasingly sophisticated endeavor. Companies such as Mattr and Cogito are using innovative technologies to capture and analyze buyer data. Cogito, for example, analyzes the human voice to help telephone service representatives improve their interactions. Detecting emotions in the customer’s tone, Cogito’s system prompts representatives to alter their communications. It’s a high-tech equivalent of getting a tentative purchaser off the fence, or to sway a customer to see the offering differently. Either way, it can turn a “No thanks, not interested” into a more engaged consumer.

Mattr’s offering helps marketers “make their marketing personal again” by identifying influencers, people talking about a brand and its competitors. Reaching those influencers, based on the data that Mattr collects about their personalities, enables marketers to tailor their messages and turn influencers into brand allies.

It reminds me of Malcolm Gladwell’s fascinating 2000 book, “The Tipping Point.” The book, a nonfiction bestseller, suggested that it only takes a few of the right people, saying or doing the right things, to make an idea catch on wildly. Today, we would say the idea went “viral.”

The key to going viral is to have the right message, reaching the right people, at the right time. It all starts with understanding your target audience, at a personal level, and delivering a message that resonates. Once a person to person connection is made, people are more likely to connect and in return complete the marketing mission of buying the good or service.

One powerful way to connect with the buyer is through video. As noted in other posts, video is a more personalized form of storytelling that is easy for people to consume. If our goal as marketers is to reach, engage and influence buyers, then we need to use the right tools. Make sure that video is one of those tools if you want to be effective in the connections you are making.

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