Guiding Your Audience Towards the Best Viewing Experience

welcoming your webcast attendeesWelcoming webcast attendees to your presentation can greatly increase their engagement during your broadcast. This might seem simple, but first impressions can go a long way. Creating a polished greeting that gives a brief introduction to the platform and its engagement tools will automatically make people feel more invited to click and play around.

At INXPO, we often refer to this as housekeeping – a short and sweet sweep through our platform to guide our audience to the best viewing experience.

Here’s a guide to creating your perfect webcast welcome:

Establish who is kicking off your presentation. Are you having one speaker who will be responsible for delivering the entire presentation, or will you have a moderator to assist with introductions and Q&A?

Welcome your audience. Start things off by saying hello, thank viewers for attending and state the title of your presentation.

Lay out all engagement tools. Take the time to walk attendees through the platform and all the widgets available to them. Although some people might be repeat attendees, it never hurts to take a minute for a refresher or introduction for new viewers.

Some example points to cover based on your audience:

  • The audio and presentation is being streamed so need to dial-in like you would for a conference.
  • All widgets/windows are moveable, expandable and collapsible so that you can adjust to the view that works best for you.
  • Group chat is available to talk with and post comments for the entire audience.
  • The “Ask a Question” box can be used to communicate directly with just the presenter, and ask questions to be answered at the end or during the presentation.
  • The handouts widget houses additional materials and resources to download and take away after the webcast.
  • Social media widgets allow you to post about the webcast without having to leave the platform.

Mention viewing on demand. One of the most common questions is viewers asking where they can access the webcast again to reference in the future. Address where your webcast will be located on demand and that attendees can use the same event link as they used for this live session.

Get to know you poll. Make your audience feel valued by asking them a few questions about themselves before getting into your content. Where are you attending from? What is your title? What are you most interested in learning today? These questions can help the presenter get a quick feel for their audience to better cater content, and give attendees a more inclusive feel with the rest of viewers.

Introduce the speaker. If you have a moderator, wrap up your welcome speech by giving a warm introduction to your speaker, with their name, title and brief bio. If there is one presenter, still take the time to introduce yourself to your audience. This gives a smooth transition into your content and wraps up your introduction nicely.

You have now aced the first impression! Often once you have one welcome script or run down nailed, it can be used repeatedly for each of your presentations. For more information and guidance on your webcast content learn more about our engagement services or talk to us directly by emailing