High Converting Webcast Registration Pages: 3 Easy Fixes

Registration Page Best Practices INXPOEvery successful webcast or webinar starts with having a great audience. Getting the right audience to register and attend may be harder than it seems at times. Let’s review the easy fixes to increase conversions and get your audience to register for your next webcast.

Put the value front and center
The best place to start is your headline- what is the main idea you want your audience to get from your webcast? Putting the value in the title will help the prospect decide quickly whether it is worth their time to register and attend.  Supporting copy on the registration page should communicate the WHY they should attend:

  • Why I can’t just google the information?
  • Why is this opinion more important than someone else’s?
  • Why is this information unique to this webcast?

Answering the WHY numbers and statistics can also help readers jump to key information when deciding whether to register or not. For a detailed guide on writing the perfect webcast abstract, head over to this blog post next.

Keep the navigation simple
The worst thing that can happen after you’ve worked so hard to get prospects to click on that email or button on your website, is to have them abandon your registration page before you were able to capture their information. To reduce drop-offs create a single landing page without navigation. This lowers the chances of someone becoming distracted and clicking to a new page without converting. By limiting the amount of outside links you include on the page you can reduce the points of drop off and keep the prospect focused on the call to action to register. Avoid these common mistakes:

  • Too many links to outside sources
  • Abundant social media links from speakers
  • Links of additional CTA’s (like download a report or whitepaper)

Keep that information to use as content within the presentation and in your handouts. It will give the audience more of a reason to attend, and reward those who are engaged in your content!

Capture only what you need
How many times have you started to fill out a form only to realize there’s 30 fields to answer, and then decide to give up and do something else. We’ve all done this, so take your own hint and simplify your registration pages to make them less intimidating. Reducing the number of fields can greatly increase conversion rate. But if you are worried about lost data consider progressive profiling, or utilizing a third party to supplement your missing data on demographics. Beyond capturing data on the registration page, consider using engagement features like polling and survey responses to build out attendee profiles. A few questions to consider asking within a webcast:

  • What marketing tools are you using today?
  • What industry do you represent?
  • Are you the decision maker?

When deciding what fields to include in forms remember the time you abandoned and why. Keep things as simple as possible and supplement information from either within your presentation or from third party tools.

These easy fixes will help you achieve greater conversion on your registration pages, but always remember that content is really what will drive your registration and attendance. Being mindful of titles, headlines, page navigation and forms will only help your registration rates increase.  Read more on registration and promotions for webcasts by checking out these posts: webcast promotions and inviting an audience.