How an Online Video Platform Can Accelerate Your Sales Pipeline




Recently, Andrew Konoff (@andrewkonoff) published a piece titled “Five Ways that Video Matters for Customer Experience.” As the title implies, Andrew’s article presented reasons video matters for the customers of a business. After reading Andrew’s article, it occurred to me that his points also apply for content directed at those “one step removed” from customers: a business’ prospects.

[Side note: for more content from Andrew, visit the GoInstant blog.]

In other words, you could just as easily adapt Andrew’s piece to be “Five Ways that Video Matters for Content Marketing.” So let’s explore ways in which online video can power your content marketing to fuel your sales pipeline.

Online Video: Benefits for Content Marketing

People want video.

Item number 5 in Andrew’s “Five Ways” said it quite well: “Videos Are No Longer Optional.” This is true for customer-oriented videos and it’s even more true for video aimed at your sales prospects. Compare the tried and true product sheet (PDF) to a 90 second video in which a customer uses your product. As the prospect, which would you prefer to consume? I thought so.

People want video. So give it to them. There are a multitude of formats that work well, from the video presentation, to the video demo, to the video session in which you share your desktop (i.e. to interact and “show” your product in action).

Video leads to more opportunities to engage.

Especially when complemented by real-time engagement tools (e.g. interactive polls, Q&A, group chat, etc.), live video is an experience that engages prospects. To date “web analytics” (i.e. for your corporate web site) has focused on static measures, such as page views, bounce rate, “time on site” and “pages viewed per session.”

“Interaction has replaced consumption.”

With interactive experiences built around video, we’ve moved up the value chain. Now, we can analyze answers to polling questions, percent of program viewed, questions submitted to the presenter and chat messages contributed to the conversation.

Interaction has replaced consumption. With web analytics, you decipher “what they consumed.” With a video-based online platform, you know what they consumed, but more importantly, you now know what they said and how they feel.

And as a marketer, isn’t that a great thing to know?

Video leads to more effective lead qualification.

From the increased level of interaction, think about the wealth of engagement data that we can now feed into our CRM and marketing automation systems. Marketing automation systems, in fact, live for this sort of data!

Armed with this additional data, you’re now able to segment your prospects effectively. Inside Sales can follow up with the most engaged prospects, while the less engaged prospects can be placed into a lead nurturing program.

Online Video: Considerations

Plan an editorial calendar around consistent communications.

To keep your sales pipeline filled on a consistent basis, be sure you’re producing content continuously. No, this doesn’t have to be every day or every other day. But, it should be regular enough that prospects are keeping you “top of mind” – and, they’re finding a rich library of on-demand video content (from your prior, live-streamed programs).

Video shouldn’t be “hard.”

While it’s fine to broadcast out of your corporate studios (if you have such a thing), it doesn’t have to be so fancy. Instead, look to tools that everyone already has access to, such as a webcam and the microphone that’s built into your computer. If you check out the on-demand programs at INXPO TV, you’ll see that the majority of our speakers present via their computer’s webcam. In addition to the video logistics, use a video publishing/presentation system that’s intuitive and easy to set up.

Be seen on mobile devices.

Video is no longer option. And neither is mobile. Your audience wants video. And your audience is on mobile. So be sure that your online videos can be experienced on mobile devices. And, ensure that the rich engagement features (mentioned earlier) can be experienced on mobile as well. If mobile users cannot interact, then your mobile-based video experience “degrades” from two-way interaction to one-way viewing.


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Post contributed by Dennis Shiao