How the Self-Service Model Benefits Clients of One Smooth Stone

We have a certification program for the INXPO VX Platform. Partners and clients who wish to “self-produce” their event will need to achieve and maintain certification. This is the first in a series of profiles that shares insights from clients and partners on their VX Certification experience.


One Smooth Stone, an INXPO Channel Partner, is an event and communication agency that helps clients “build relationships critical to the success of their business through exceptionally crafted programs and events in both physical and virtual environments.”

Andrea Huntzicker, Assistant Project Coordinator at One Smooth Stone, was their first employee to achieve INXPO VX Certification. Andrea received her certificate in August 2011.

A Certificate to Build

Upon completion of the VX Certification program, users are informed via an email that contains an electronic certificate of completion.  The certificate is signed by our CEO, Malcolm Lotzof. When Andrea received her email notification, her reaction was, “I am legit!”

“I would now be able to offer a new, streamlined solution to our clients.”

Her next thought “was the realization that I would now be able to offer a new, streamlined solution to our clients who had been interested in incorporating various virtual components into their events.” And that, really, is one of the great benefits of self-service production: the ability to listen to clients, digest what they’re saying and immediately begin building it. Your certificate to build becomes your pathway to client success.

The Certification Process

Our certification program is administered directly in the INXPO VX Platform, in an environment we call “vBIZ.” In fact, we integrate Taleo’s Learning Management System (LMS) into our learning platform, to validate and track all certification activities.

According to Andrea, “I enjoyed working with INXPO producers. They have a solid system that is an excellent initial example of how to manage the various details associated with a virtual event. It is helpful to watch, and or work with current INXPO producers during training as much as possible.”

Helping Serve Client Needs Upon Certification

Upon receiving VX Certification, Andrea has already produced and supported two client events and is currently working on a third.

“It is an honor to be able to usher their events into a new era where virtual event technology is utilized.”

According to Andrea, “Of the completed events, a brand launch was produced for a signature client of One Smooth Stone. We have had an excellent relationship with them since the formation of One Smooth Stone. It is an honor to be able to usher their events into a new era where virtual event technology is utilized.”

Andrea continued, “The second of the two events was for a client that we have not worked with in the last year. Virtual events have helped One Smooth Stone continue to bring our clients the latest in event innovation.”

One Smooth Stone has received “overwhelmingly positive feedback” from the “self service events” they have produced for their clients.  Their client base is excited about innovative digital communication, as well as the ease of use of the VX Platform. “Those reactions are sure to add up to greater impact both for our clients, and the meeting and events industry as a whole,” said Andrea.


If you’re looking to produce and support a series of digital programs with us – and, you have in-house resources to build them, then VX Certification may be just the thing you need. Contact our Sales Team – or, your individual INXPO account executive to get enrolled today.

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Post contributed by Dennis Shiao