How to be an engaging speaker during virtual events


Being a dynamic online presenter takes practice. Connecting with a remote audience is challenging especially when trying to connect to a group of people through a camera. In order to be successful the speaker must understand the technology, have solid network/computer setup and remain upbeat throughout the session. Here are 8 tips to help you become an engaging speaker during a virtual event and webcast and keep your audience’s attention.

8 Tips to be An Engaging Speaker

Learn the Content: Knowing the content allows a speaker to focus on presenting and not trying to remember what they were going to say. If a presenter fears forgetting what points to make, include notes in the PowerPoint file or print out the script.

Practice makes Perfect: Speakers should not only practice their content but practice delivering it to their computer as this can be very awkward the first few times. If speakers are not comfortable delivering alone to their computer, they can ask colleagues to sit in front of them so they can present to familiar faces instead of the computer screen.

Learn the Software: Make sure speakers understand and utilize the content options that are available to them so they can properly prepare the presentation. In addition, make sure each speaker understands how to change slides, manage Q&A, chats, polls, etc. before the live day. You may consider having a moderator complete these tasks as well so the speaker can focus on presenting the content.

Speak Up: Make sure to keep a clear, loud, even tone throughout the session so that the audience is able to consistently hear everything without adjusting their volume. You should also check audio levels before going live.

Look at Your Camera: If presenting via video, remember, the webcam is the audience.Make eye contact with it so the audience feels like you are speaking directly to them.

Have Multiple Speakers: Additional speakers break up the voices and provide a more conversational feel. It can also make speakers feel more at ease as they are not “alone”.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mess Up: Flubs happen and it’s okay. Just keep going, the audience is forgiving.

Be Prepared: Have a glass of water ready as well as a printout of the slides/notes in case you need them.

Following these 8 tips will help you to be an engaging speaker and keep your audience’s attention during your next webcast or virtual event. For more tips and best practices about running an interactive webcast check out these resources. Guide for deilivering interactive webcasts, and Lights Camera Action Checklist.