How to Boost Marketing With Live Video

howtoboostmarketingwithlivevideoVideo marketing is all the rage now. It’s fair to say that this approach to delivering commercial messages has exploded. A forward-thinking but small group of marketers is taking this approach to a completely new level: live video. 

I was intrigued by a Forbes article recently about how Callaway Golf built its own studio to host a live video show. The star of this show? You’d think it would be one of Callaway’s highly paid endorsers, like the legendary tour pro Phil Mickelson or British Open champion Henrik Stenson. That would make sense. Instead, the unlikely star of “Callaway Live” is…the company’s own chief marketing officer!

When you think about it, there’s solid logic in building a brand with the people who are closest to it. As Callaway’s Harry Arnett told Forbes, “Who else understands the brand better than the head of marketing?”

As I think about it, there are several ways to enhance marketing through live video, and Callaway’s approach underscores their importance:

Think in terms of programming. Marketers that want to build loyal followings through content should establish a regular cadence for video, to build an audience and cultivate expectations of seeing their content.

Use internal “on-air” talent. Authenticity is important in any form of effective communication, and when it comes to live video, authenticity is essential. Who better to deliver authentic communications than the people who are closest to the brand, as Callaway’s head of marketing noted.

To be sure, there are celebrity guests on “Callaway Live” – pro golfers as well as others who simply enjoy playing — but the host is a regular employee who has a day job at the company. That serves Callaway’s marketing purposes in two ways: one, it makes the brand more accessible and relatable to the masses who enjoy golf, and two, it creates the perception that the message is genuine, without so much of the spin that consumers have become jaded by.

Create branded communities. What better way is there to attract and nurture loyal customers than by building a community around your brand? Imagine offering them compelling TV programming at your website that offers them opportunities to interact with a brand they like. That’s truly the future of video marketing: using your own content to build a following for your brand.

A lot more businesses are jumping on the video marketing bandwagon. Statistics from a Wyzowl survey of marketers and consumers show that, in 2016:

  • 88% of businesses consider video important to their marketing strategy
  • 61% currently use video as a marketing tool
  • 66% of businesses using video were not using it a year ago
  • 67% plan to spend more on video this year
  • 76% believe that use video believe it provides a good return on investment

If an enterprise marketer hasn’t yet decided on whether to embrace video as a way to reach, inform and engage its target audiences, here’s some advice: just watch.

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