How to Generate Leads for Your Virtual Event Sponsors

how to generate leads for your virtual event sponsors


For decades, companies have been using trade shows and conventions as a primary source for lead generation. Virtual trade shows can be equally effective in generating leads. They’re an excellent opportunity for companies to generate targeted leads efficiently and cost effectively.

If you’re the organizer of a virtual trade show, one of the primary ways you’ll be measured is the quantity and quality of leads your event delivers to your sponsors. Below are some ways to ensure that your event generates great leads for your sponsors.

Promote the event

The first step is an obvious one – the more people who attend your virtual event, the more potential leads your sponsors will generate. See our tips on generating a virtual audience here. Make sure to determine your target audience. Those who combine the right demographics with a genuine interest in the event’s subject matter will be the most qualified leads for your sponsors.

Ask attendees for the key demographic and industry-specific information

The more information your sponsors have about event attendees, the more effectively they can qualify their leads. Adding a few key demographic and industry-related questions to the registration page is a great way to gather information quickly and effectively. Make sure, however, to be selective with your questions, as a tedious registration process may overwhelm potential leads and cause them to abandon registration completely.

If you feel that your registration page hasn’t captured enough data, additional questions can be asked in the user profile upon login. Additionally, even more information can be gathered via in-show and post-show surveys.

Drive traffic to sponsor spaces and encourage sponsors to staff their spaces effectively

When determining your ideal user experience, make sure that sponsor spaces are a highlight attraction and not perceived as just a presentation after-thought. Leave breaks in your presentation agenda to allow for sponsor space browsing, and highlight key sponsors via display ads and marquee messages.

Once an attendee enters a sponsor space, space staff members should be trained how to effectively interact. We have developed several best practices for sponsor space staffing, such as greeting visitors via group chat, and engaging in private chat once a prospect shows interest via group chat. We make this process extremely easy, as all chats are stored and can be accessed via each user’s individual data portal upon event completion.

Download our White Paper, Beyond the Booth: Best Practices in Planning and Executing Virtual Exhibitions and Sponsorships.

Provide additional lead-generation sponsorship opportunities

Although individual sponsor spaces are the most traditional way for sponsors to generate leads, as the show host, you have the ability to offer additional sponsorship and lead generation opportunities.

For example, you can sell presentation sponsorships which allow sponsors to be part of the program agenda. The “floor will be their’s” to provide a session related to the event’s content and theme. We’ve observed that sponsors who provide a live presentation during the event have higher visits to their sponsor space, compared to those who choose not to present.

Ensure that sponsors are aware of reporting capabilities

We provide a customizable data portal, in which you can choose to share specific reports with sponsor users and staffers. With over twenty standard reports, and the ability for report combination, sponsors have the ability to see who visited their booth, how long they stayed, and the fields they completed during registration and in their profile.

Make sure that once your sponsors receive their data portal login information, they understand all that it has to offer. Note – if your event is offering different sponsorship levels, you can provide higher level sponsors with additional report access.


In real estate, it’s all about location, location, location. With virtual trade shows, sponsors will tell you it’s mainly about leads, leads, leads. Consider these tips for your next virtual trade show and they’ll lead you to success (pun intended).

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Post contributed by Lauren Wolf